NJASA Frontline Education at Home Leadership for Extraordinary Times

With technology playing a pivotal role in restoring normalcy, NJASA Executive Director Dr. Richard Bozza shares the high-level view of New Jersey’s Chief Education Officers on the front line of education at home amid the COVID-19 crisis. As the world’s doctors and researchers work to contain the coronavirus, school leaders must do their part to reduce the stress and fear in our communities by guiding the new experience of education at home. District leaders are responsible for the engagement of educators, parents and students to continue the learning process using technology. NJASA is here to help. Executive Director Dr. Bozza will be interviewing superintendents throughout New Jersey to share their experiences and insights during this temporary disruption so that we all may draw inspiration. Visit njasa.net to subscribe to this video podcast and join us as we explore best practices together.

Matt Miller’s Insights from Techspo®’20

Dr. Richard Bozza, Executive Director of NJASA talks to Matt Miller, educator and author about the aha moment that lead him to “Ditching the Books” and transform his teaching and learning philosophies with technology. Dr. Bozza, sat down with Miller after his Techspo’20® keynote address and learned his feelings about educational risks, thoughts of being fired, his vision for teaching today and tomorrow and the reason he wrote Ditch That Textbook. Miller’s movement and website is instructing teachers across the nation. He is also helping them understand how technology and creativity can keep education fresh, relevant and ultimately benefit their students.



4 Equity Interview with Dr. Repollet, NJ Commissioner of Education

In our latest podcast, NJASA’s Executive Director Dr. Richard Bozza sat with Dr. Lamont Repollet, Commissioner of New Jersey’s Department of Education to explore the vision at the state level. They discussed Governor Murphy’s new directives, participating in cabinet meetings to stay abreast of statewide objectives and collaborating with other state commissioners to develop strategies for implementing New Jersey’s updated 2.0 education plan. Dr. Repollet shares his vision for a stronger and fairer education system and explains what NJASA’s 4 Equity in action means for delivering fair and equitable opportunities to all students and applicants. Other topics include New Jersey’s school funding formula, access, fairness, providing intervention, systems working together, preparing a qualified and diversified educational and statewide workforce, and addressing the LGBTQ, transgender and disabled communities.

They also addressed what it took to eclipse Massachusetts to earn its No. 1 ranking in Education Week’s latest analysis. Innovation, practice, policy and performance are key factors that will sustain this ranking and equity for New Jersey’s 4.4 million students.

2019 NJASA Spring Leadership Conference Coming Up

NJASA Executive Director Dr. Richard Bozza interviews 2019 New Jersey Superintendent of the Year Dr. Michael Salvatore, Chief Education Officer, Long Branch and NJASA Secretary Dr. Margaret Dolan, Chief Education Officer, Westfield Public Schools about NJASA’s upcoming Spring Leadership Conference titled “Mindfulness for ALL: Connecting Leaders and Learners.” The conference will be held on May 15th through the 17th at Caesars in Atlantic City. Topics of discussion will be the whole child approach to safety, harnessing the power of resistance, school-based interventions without IEPs, STEM and problem-based learning with a purpose and building an inclusive culture. The conference will feature three renowned education experts who will speak on subjects such as neurodiversity, bullying and social-emotional intelligence. This is a wonderful time to share information with fellow colleagues and an excellent networking opportunity.


The Need for NJASA 4 Equity

NJASA Executive Director Dr. Richard Bozza discusses the initiatives and value of #njasa4equity with NJASA President Dr. Ken Greene, Chief Education Officer, Newton Public Schools; NJASA Director of Special Projects Judith Rattner; and NJASA President-Elect Dr. Scott Rocco, Chief Education Officer, Hamilton Twp., (Mercer County). Topics covered were future activities and engagement actions, plans for increasing member participation and the consortia for excellence through equity. NJASA’s initial 4 Equity conference will be held on March 29, 2019 in cooperation with NJASA Crown Jewel Sponsor Scholastic. The group talked in length about the program’s mission, organization, and keynote speakers. On April 9th, the Association leadership will meet with the New Jersey Legislative Joint Committee on the Public Schools to discuss #njasa4equity.

Register here for the 4 Equity Conference on March 29th.


Women’s Leadership Leading the Way

NJASA Executive Director Dr. Richard Bozza talks with NJASA Secretary Dr. Margaret Dolan, Chief Education Officer, Westfield Public School System, and NJASA Director of Special Projects Judith Rattner about the importance of the Women’s Leadership conferences, it’s keynote speakers and how the participation of NJASA members are significantly increasing. They also discussed the role women’s leadership is playing with county affiliates, the inclusion of School Business Administrators, plans for future growth and an upcoming regional conference on March 1st and a joint conference with NJASA, AASA and NJPSA that will be held on March 14 and 15 at The Palace at Somerset Park.

TECHSPO®’19 Sets New Attendance Records

Dr. Richard Bozza, NJASA’s Executive Director, interviews the 2019 New Jersey Superintendent of the Year Dr. Michael Salvatore, Chief Education Officer, Long Branch and the 2018 New Jersey Superintendent of the Year Dr. Kathleen Taylor, Chief Education Officer, Ocean City. They discussed the reasons and values for attending TECHSPO®’19, the evolution of the conference since its inception in 1995 and 2019’s record-breaking attendance that included staff and students alike. They also covered the new products and services on display from their sponsors and vendors and the reactions to the internationally known Keynote Speaker Esther Wojcicki.

Don’t miss TECHSPO®’19

Welcome to NJASA’s first Podcast. We will be producing a new episode every month featuring the latest educational innovations, issues and legal concerns facing New Jersey Chief Education Officers and school leaders. In today’s Podcast, Dr. Richard Bozza, Executive Director of NJASA interviewed Dr. Janet Fike, NJASA Treasurer and Chief Education Officer for Morris-Union Jointure Commission, and Glenn Robbins, NJASA Technology Committee Co-Chair and Chief Education Officer for the Tabernacle School District. They discussed what you can expect this year at TECHSPO®’19, January 31st to February 1st at Harrah’s Atlantic City.