New Jersey’s Public Schools Reinvented Educational Instruction Almost Overnight

New Jersey educators reinvented the delivery of educational instructions from in person to online in weeks. They accomplished what otherwise would have taken years before the urgency of the COVID-19 pandemic unified educators on every level. As the agency of change already known for spearheading technology evolution in professional development and the classroom, NJASA and its chief education officers are leading the way for this extraordinary transformation. In this podcast, NJASA Executive Director Dr. Richard Bozza talks with NJASA President Dr. Scott Rocco, Chief Education Officer, Hamilton Township (Mercer County), and NJASA President-Elect Dr. Margaret Dolan, Chief Education Officer, Westfield. They explore how school superintendents are inspiring, motivating and providing resources for swift frontline adaptation in the best interest of the students. Visit to join us as we explore and share best practices together.