Closing Education Gap in Camden, NJ During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Without access to computers or the Internet, it seemed impossible to initiate a robust K-12 distance learning program in the Camden City School District. They did exactly that. Thrust into the COVID-19 crisis, State District Superintendent Katrina T. McCombs, M.Ed., MPA, took action. She knew that more than 70 percent of her families had no computers or online access and were in danger of being left behind. She also knew that social emotional needs required attention for her most at-risk students. The State District Superintendent, who is leading the district where she went to school, approached benefactors to help and harnessed the talents of educators and staff to continue to do their best during trying times. As a result, the district received $400,000 in donations to provide Chromebooks for all high school students. NJASA Executive Director Dr. Richard Bozza discusses with McCombs how Camden City School District continues to be the bright light for families, including checking on their social emotional needs. Visit to join us in exploring best practices together.