Pandemic Amplifies Challenges in North Brunswick Twp.

COVID-19 didn’t change what North Brunswick Twp. Schools were doing, but it called for new leadership skillsets to inspire creative solutions to address the district’s pandemic challenges. Chief Education Officer Dr. Brian Zychowski connected with T-Mobile and was awarded a grant for 4,000+ mobile hotspots ensuring internet access to its diversified student population. This effort closed the digital divide and provides a fair and equitable education to all its students.

The district cooks and distributes 8,000 daily breakfasts and lunches, 6 days a week. Their nurses are working on a team with Rutgers University Behavioral Health to reach out to students and staff experiencing anxiety and depression caused by the pandemic, as well as other emotional and mental health concerns.

Dr. Zychowski also partners with the mayor on daily broadcasts, not only sharing information but honoring students and staff.

In this podcast, Executive Director Dr. Richard Bozza talks with Dr. Zychowski about re-allocating their 2020-2021 budgets to satisfy the PPE and disinfecting expenses, funding North Brunswick Twp.’s charter schools, and the impossible task of reopening schools under the current social distancing requirements. Visit to join us in exploring best practices together.