Staff Training Key to Getting Students Back to School in Newark

Lessons learned during a summer pilot program will inform decisions for Newark students as the district prepares to reopen both virtually and in-person in September. In NJASA’s 14th video podcast, Dr. Richard Bozza, Executive Director talks with Chief Education Officer Roger León, the first Hispanic Superintendent of the Newark Public School System and the first to report directly to the Newark Board of Education rather than to the state. Newark’s summer school, which taught 100 students in person and 4,000 virtually, will guide procedures for instruction and support for the 2020-21 school year. Staff training will be key to success, notes León. In addition, the district is reallocating its budget due to cuts, and supporting its families through meal distribution. Along with the mayor, Newark will have distributed over 2 million meals by the end of summer. León praised Newark’s mayor and the district’s nurses, custodians, food service and other essential workers who, over the last few months, have provided the solid foundation for the work ahead. Join us at to continue the discussion.