Dynamic NJ School Leader Shares Insights from Education’s Frontline Before and During the Pandemic

As one who already set the stage for all students and their teachers to flourish by rethinking education for vo-tech and exceptionally-abled students in the Burlington County Institute of Technology (BCIT) and Burlington County Special Services School District (BCSSSD), Dr. Christopher Nagy put the innovative educational platform he created to the test during the global pandemic. His entrepreneurial approach reconfigured hands-on training with virtual reality for BCIT students and opened social services and therapies via hybrid learning strategies in special services. In the NJASA Frontline Leadership for Extraordinary Times podcast, NJASA Executive Director Dr. Richard Bozza’s conversation with Dr. Nagy is filled with robust examples of how putting the needs of students (and parents/families) and their essential teachers first fuels his mission of reimagining how education can meet the ever-changing needs for students to live independently and thrive in the workforce. Join us at njasa.net to continue the discussion.

Career path partnerships, with Rowan College, the Burlington Chamber of Commerce and others, have been pivotal in student success. BCIT is one of 21 County Career and Technical Education Institutions that serve grades 9-12 students and post-secondary adult education students who are underemployed, unemployed, career changers, “upskillers,” entering workforce after a hiatus or transitioning to civilian life from military service. BCSSSD celebrates student exceptionalities from pre-k through age 21 including a transition program for ages 18-21 that prepare students for the world of work or to be more independent.