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4 Equity Interview with Dr. Repollet, NJ Commissioner of Education

In our latest podcast, NJASA’s Executive Director Dr. Richard Bozza sat with Dr. Lamont Repollet, Commissioner of New Jersey’s Department of Education to explore the vision at the state level. They discussed Governor Murphy’s new directives, participating in cabinet meetings to stay abreast of statewide objectives and collaborating with other state commissioners to develop strategies for implementing New Jersey’s updated 2.0 education plan. Dr. Repollet shares his vision for a stronger and fairer education system and explains what NJASA’s 4 Equity in action means for delivering fair and equitable opportunities to all students and applicants. Other topics include New Jersey’s school funding formula, access, fairness, providing intervention, systems working together, preparing a qualified and diversified educational and statewide workforce, and addressing the LGBTQ, transgender and disabled communities.

They also addressed what it took to eclipse Massachusetts to earn its No. 1 ranking in Education Week’s latest analysis. Innovation, practice, policy and performance are key factors that will sustain this ranking and equity for New Jersey’s 4.4 million students.

The Need for NJASA 4 Equity

NJASA Executive Director Dr. Richard Bozza discusses the initiatives and value of #njasa4equity with NJASA President Dr. Ken Greene, Chief Education Officer, Newton Public Schools; NJASA Director of Special Projects Judith Rattner; and NJASA President-Elect Dr. Scott Rocco, Chief Education Officer, Hamilton Twp., (Mercer County). Topics covered were future activities and engagement actions, plans for increasing member participation and the consortia for excellence through equity. NJASA’s initial 4 Equity conference will be held on March 29, 2019 in cooperation with NJASA Crown Jewel Sponsor Scholastic. The group talked in length about the program’s mission, organization, and keynote speakers. On April 9th, the Association leadership will meet with the New Jersey Legislative Joint Committee on the Public Schools to discuss #njasa4equity.

Register here for the 4 Equity Conference on March 29th.